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Center for Innovative Learning


Safe Passage seeks to change the way math and science is taught throughout Camden, NJ and other urban environments. Recognizing key indicators around student achievement are rooted in student attendance, grades and behavior, Safe Passage has developed a Center for Innovative Learning (CIL) to re-direct those students who may be on a path of failure to a path of ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and self-driven desire for high academic achievement. The Center for Innovative Learning is an environment designed to captivate student interest by using advanced technology designed and prototyped by the students themselves to foster purpose-driven learning that institutes a curriculum that is hands-on, collaborative, relevant and engaging. The Center provides a novel approach to equipping both youth and teachers with the essential understanding of how to bring the many facets of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to life.

Safe Passage will transcend traditional classroom teaching by creating an authentic appreciation and understanding of mathematical and scientific principles through necessity of application to solve tangible problems. Research has shown that traditional classroom instruction is considered abstract and incomprehensive for many urban students. Students must ascertain the reality of mathematics in order to perceive its value in everyday life.